This is Smokey, our first Silkie chick!
She was the only one that hatched out of a batch of shipped fertile eggs. It seems it is very difficult to ship
Silkie eggs. At least all the ones I tried were not viable.
I finally ordered day old chicks from Cackle Hatchery.

These are the day old chicks I ordered from the Hatchery. There are also some Silver Spangled Hamberg chicks in the mix.

Smokey getting bigger. Isn't she a cutie?

Smokey ~ 4 months

Fuzzy Butts. A white and a splash

A Splash and a blue

Light Splash and Splash in the background. The one on the left really looks like a platinum splash.

This chick is a blue splash. He is very curious about what is in the grass below him.
Jack is looking at the chicks. You can see blue, black and white

Another little blue

I think this is one of the better looking chicks.

Smokey from behind

A black

Smokey with "her" kids
Smokey decided that she didn't want to wait until spring to have her chicks even though I kept taking out the eggs and taking her off the nest. She was so determined that I finally left her with eight eggs. Today was the day for hatching, almost in time for Christmas. I would have preferred not to have winter chicks but Smokey had other ideas.

Well, our second generation chicks are here from Smokey! We have three tiny little fluff balls that are just too cute. So far we have one black, one blue and one splash.
This is Smokey all grown up and with her first chick.

5 weeks ~ We ended up with 18 chicks!! All Blue or Black

The chicks are all out in the yard running around now.

Four to five week old chicks
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