July 2010 New chicks

These are the chicks from Ebay at one week plus the chicks that are Dinky and Donni's at one week.

Dinky chick

2 weeks

2 weeks

4 weeks

The Ebay hatch

5 weeks

Dinki's 2nd hatch chicks

These were hatched by my two hens

Donni's first chicks

2nd hatch

2nd hatch, Pumpkin

3rd hatch

Donni's entire hatch so far

Donni's next hatch

Donnis chicks growing up

Donni's chicks with Dinky. They are all pullets and are in Dinkys pen as next years breeders.

A flock of my young roosters. Some are from Ebay and some from Dinky.

Dinky X Lacy chicks

This is Pippi at four months