These are our first three Seramas. All were hatched from shipped eggs. The one on the right is one week
younger and is different breeding. Not sure if we have hens or roosters yet. They are only two months old here

This breed was developed in the Malaysian state of Kelantan, apparently from crossing Japanese bantams and some local Malaysian bantams. The birds are tiny and must weigh less than 450 grams, under 350g being preferable. The breed was named after the Thai king Rama, because of its proud carriage: it carries itself erect, with an upright tail and protruding breast. Seramas can appear in almost any color. They are not color bred in Malaysia, so there is no standard for this. ( Quoted from the "")



Here they are with my Chihuahua Jack. The water bottle is sitting about 1" lower than the chickens.

You can see their small size here. The hen behind is a juvenile Buff Orpington.

Fancy and Lacy are now six months old and beginning to look more to type. Lacy is particularly small and so pretty. Unfortunately she has lost the sight in one eye. Ivory was found dead in the pen at about three months old. No sign of what might have happened. I was very sorry since she was my only white hen.

Fancy has lost a lot of her speckles. I hope they come back.

Lacy is developing lacing on her breast along with her orange neck feathers.

Fancy and Lacy sunbathing
2010 ~ This year we hope to increase our Serama flock with several different strains from different breeders.

Our first hatch of the year. At two days.

Five Days ~ Dinky and Dotti

Dinky and Dotti at two weeks.

Dinky and Dotti, 2 weeks

5 weeks ~ Dinky and Dotti

Dinky. Looks like he may be a golden lace.

Dotti looks like she will just be spotty

Dinky and Dotti at three months. Almost grown up.

Fancy on the left and Lacy on the right.
One year old.



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