Modern Game Bantams

These are our first two modern game bantams. They are one week old in this photo. They will be Birchen colored.

Day of hatch

2nd Day

2nd day, climbing on mom and dad

This is the fifth day and you can see the chick on the left squaking at me. That's all he does.

Slick, one week

Kiwi, one week

2 weeks
Video of chicks dancing to Dueling Banjos.....



Well, here they are at 10 weeks. I was very lucky and got a male and a female. I named them Slick and Kiwi.

Kiwi at 10 weeks

Slick at 10 weeks

Kiwi at 6 months.

Slick at 6 months

This is such a wonderful friendly breed that I had to have more so here is my batch for 2011.

I bought 2 lemon blue, 2 red pyle and one brown/black. The hatchery sent me two extras. One is a blue and one is a white chick so maybe a splash.

Slick with Rader, my Havanese pup.
Havenese are excellent with chickens and are raised in Cuba as
chicken herding dogs.
2011 Chicks from Ideal Hatchery

L to R:
Lemon Blue, Red pyle, Red Pyle, Red Pyle, Lemon Blue, Blue and there is one brown/red not shown.

Red Pyle

Brown Red

Splash blue

Silly Babies, trying to sit under Kiwi and Slick

They are just about to knock Slick off the perch.

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