Our Golden Laced bantam Cochin rooster

This is our second year at Country Chickens which was just a natural offshoot from our boarding kennel business, the Animal House and we have come a long way in that short time.

We had great hatches last year and have added new breeds to our flock. We now have the original Cochin and Brahma bantams, the blue salmon favorolles bantams as well as some standards. We have added Silkies and are in the process of building a flock of Seramas.

We have hatching eggs available now in these breeds:
Silkie.......Blue salmon favorolles bantams.......and mixed color cochins and brahmas. We will be building our flock of Seramas this year so may not have many to sell. We are striving for typey small birds and have a good start so far.

This is a Blue Salmon Favorolle bantam hatchling. This is a breed we want to raise. We think this is a pullet so hopefully she will develop into one of our first brood hens. We also have a full sister to her.

Faverolles were developed in France in the early 1800's. Although rare, Faverolles are enjoying an increased popularity among backyard flock owners. The most popular type of this chicken breed is the Salmon Faverolle. The Faverolle (Faverolles) rooster is straw, black and reddish colored, while the Faverolle hen has creamy white and salmon colored feathers. The Blue Salmon Favorolles hens are the same color but the roosters are blue where the salmons are black. Gorgeous coloring.
Faverolles are hardy in both the heat and cold, and are very docile and friendly. Faverolles lay medium sized off-white to creamy tinted eggs.

Salmon Favorolle rooster. Watercolor painting by Gina Hall
 For Sale $125 with mat to fit 16 X 20 frame. Frame not included

This is our second Salmon Favorolle hatch. These are from another breeder so should cross well with our first two. They are three days old now and I can see that I have at least two roosters out of eight chicks.
Please visit our Blue Salmon Favorolles pages for pictures of our grown up flock.