Golden Laced Pullet

Young Golden laced Rooster

I have decided that one of my favorite breeds of chickens are cochins. I have the bantam ones and love each and every one! I originally purchased my chicks from Murray McMurray hatchery and have been very pleased with the assortment and quality of the chicks as they are growing up.

I have the golden laced which are shown above and I will breed for this variation. I also have birchen, Partridge, frizzle, and black.

Golden Laced Pullet
  Black Frizzle Pullet
Partridge Pullet
Black Pullet

Birchen pullet

Red Skelton, my red frizzle cochin rooster
Golden Laced Bantam rooster

Black and Black Frizzle

Two of Reds first kids.

Red will be going into the silkie pen soon to make some little
sizzle chicks!
Another two of reds kids.