This is our third year at Country Chickens which was just a natural offshoot from our boarding kennel business, the Animal House and we have come a long way in that short time.
We started with several breeds to begin with and have finally settled on our main breed which are Malaysian Serama.

This breed was developed in the Malaysian state of Kelantan, apparently from crossing Japanese bantams and some local Malaysian bantams. The birds are tiny and must weigh less than 450 grams, under 350g being preferable. The breed was named after the Thai king Rama, because of its proud carriage: it carries itself erect, with an upright tail and protruding breast. Seramas can appear in almost any color. They are not color bred in Malaysia, so there is no standard for this. ( Quoted from the "")

We have been in the process of building a flock of Malaysian Seramas.
We started with shipped hatching eggs since there were very few Seramas in the Pacific NW a few years ago. Now we have built a good flock and are continually striving to get as close to the standards for this breed as we can.

These are our first three Seramas. All were hatched from shipped eggs. Not sure if we have hens or roosters yet. They are only two months old here
. (As it turns out all three were hens.)

These are the two roosters we started with. They are both large B size and we still have them here although they havn't been used as much this year.

These are the second generation roosters we used in the second year along with the originals.
Of course we added quite a few lovely little hens that were both shipped eggs and eggs produced here. Both are about middle of the B class in size so we did get the size down a bit over our starting year.

This photo was taken in July of 2011 and is of some of our young roosters and pullets plus two of our older roosters.
These are some of our young prospects from hatches in 2011
The two above are sold as are several others.