Feather Footed Bantam Fertile Hatching Eggs! 12+  
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The eggs are from these hens:
Cochin:       Birchen, Partridge, Black, Black Frizzle and Golden laced.
:      Lt Brahma, Buff Brahma
Roosters are Golden Laced Cochin, Red Frizzle Cochin
These are free ranged together so the chicks will be mixed from these varieties. The Mille Fleur and Lt Brahma roosters seen in these photos are no longer in this pen.
The eggs from the standard hen shown in the photos are not included. Only the bantam hens eggs.

These eggs are definitely fertile but I can't guarantee the hatch rate due to shipping conditions on the way to you. I pack very well and only ship fresh eggs. I have a 90% hatch rate this year.
Shipped USPS Priority mail.

Country Chickens,
Enumclaw, Washington