Memorial Day weekend 2012

So nice to have some sun! Cosby and Rader.

Jack and Cosby

Always take time to smell the roses.....

Woo Hoo, too much fun!!

What the heck???

Cosby with Rader

Bo and Toby are here for the weekend

Bo and Cosby. Cosby loves to play with anyone!

Hey you guys, that's my  hole!!

Burke is here with Cosby

Here are Tazzi and Burke on the table top.

Hey, how did you get up there???

Burke is a cutie

Cosby playing in the firepit

Tazzi posing

Hey, ya wanna play ball??

Maybe we can get the "James Gang" and get in trouble, wink wink!

Nothing like a good roll in the grass

We have a few new dogs this weekend. The first is Zebree. He is a wonderful miniature poodle.

Here he is meeting Murphy, BJs little buddy

Murphy is new too. She is BJs pal. She is so cute isn't she?

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