March 2012

Luckily we had a couple of nice days so Barney could spend a lot of time outside.

Barney is very playful and active.

Tinka is back but is too regal to run crazy with Barney. She ignores him.

Sadie is back too and has Barneys number.

She just woofs at him and he thinks she is playing with him. They are having fun.

Tinka, Tazzi and Barney playing.

Tazzi and Barney playing while Sadie looks on.

APRIL 2012

Nano is back for vacation. She is really hard to get a photo of because she is so active.

Ernie the tortie is awake from hibernation and Barney is checking him out.

Little tiny Precious is back for vacation. She is so tiny but very spunky!

Precious gets to meet Ernie too.

Barney with one of his toys!


Precious with some of my gang. She can't go out with Barney and the bigger dogs because she is so small.

Isn't she the cutest??

Aw, is it going to rain again today????
Silver is here and the weather hasn't been the greatest.

Finally a lazy sunny day......

Burke arrived today too.

Jessie is loving her new shorter summer do.
She is loving the weather today.

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