Holidays 2011

This is a bit blurry but too cute. He thinks he is on the prowl!

Buddy is here too. He loves to play ball.

Tinka is here playing with the dogs. The baby pup loves her.

Little boys

January 2012

This is Precious. She is new to the Animal House and fits right in with my tiny dogs. She is happy and playful.  She is a tiny four pounds!

As you can see, we have snow. Precious loves it.

Isn't she too cute?

A life in the day...............kinda early to be up!

Precious with Tazzi

Snow, snow, snow, what to do now???

I'll play with my pillow for a while...

Awww, so much fun!

I think I am getting tired...

Think I'll have a nap.

Feb 2012

Barney is back and loves playing with BJs new little friend, Murphy. She is so cute!

BJ is so darn cute!

The kids all playing. The weather is rainy so the picture isn't very clear.

Murphy with Jack. Isn't she a cutie?

Trotter is back too and loves playing with BJ and Murphy.

BJ and Murphy

Tazzi and BJ still love each other. Tazzi has become quite snooty lately but she still takes time for BJ.

Buddy is here too.

Barney with his toy.

Barney has been coming here since he was a puppy.

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