Sept 2011

Sadie is here too. Last time she was here, she was just a pup. Now she is all grown up. So cute!

Sadie and Oly playing

Sadie  enjoying the pile of leaves with my dogs.

Breezy and Twiggy are back for some fun!

Sadie enjoying the sun.

Breeze and James

Twiggy had a surgery last week so he hads to wear a collar for a while.

Oh what big teeth you have..............

Oly is just so darn cute!

Barney is back. isn't he adorable??

Barney meeting Tazzi
Barney on the table. All the dogs love to get up there.

Silver is back and he has a new haircut! He is rolling in the grass because it feels so good.

Isn't he too cute?

He has freckles!

New Boarder. This is Sammy. She is a very sweet little girlie.

Here she is with Tazzi

Pip and Sophie are here too. Here is Pip with Sammy. Pip loves all the dogs that come here.

Today we have Buddy and new boarder Marty along with Sammy.

Trotter is here  now too, here he is with Marty. Marty is very sweet and Trotter likes him because he will play with him.
Holidays 2011

Maddie and Murphy were here!


This is Harley, it is his first visit to the Animal house. He is having a lot of fun.

Harley is here with his little pal Shadow. She is a tiny thing but full of spunk!

Harley and Shadow with Tazz...

Buddy is here too and he and Harley love to charge around the yard.

Just look at those ears! Shadow is a cheweenie!
Too darn cute!

Tinka came for New Years and here they are getting acquainted. Tazz is overseeing everything because Tinka is one of her favorites.

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