August 2011

Hmmmmmmmmmm, what do you suppose happened to Saki????

She says someone had a pillow fight in her crate last night! What do you think???
Is this too funny or what??? I think someone left a feather pillow on top of the crate last night......

Labor Day

We have some new visitors here over the holiday. They are Bud, Barney and Fred. This is Fred.

This is Barney..

And this is Bud. They are all very sweet dogs and are doing very well. They have settled right in and are having fun.

Saki is also back, here she is with Barney.

Bud and Tazzi

Toby T and Barney. Toby is here because there is a wedding going on at his house.

Some of the kids getting to know each other.

Tiny Burke is here too. He has only been here a couple of times but he just takes everything in stride.

Burke with Maddie and Murphy. They really enjoyed each other.

Emma lounging on my table. All the dogs love to get up there.

Oscar is getting old now but he still loves being out with the other dogs.

Oscar and Emma

Roscoe is here for vacation too.

Saddie is here sporting her new hair do! Isn't her face sweet. Those huge eyes!!

I've got my eye on you......Fred the private eye!

The doggies exploring the empty dog kennel.

Rader and Jessie meeting Emma. Jessie is expecting pups any day now.


I'm bored, can I read your book??

That's much better, thanks!

We have another new doggie here this week. His name is Oly. He's a real cutie pie and very sweet. He is enjoying the other dogs.

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