August 2011

Twiggy and Breeze are back and ready to play!
This is Breeze with Sadie

And sweet Twiggy

Breeze relaxing

Breeze and Gabbi playing

Hey Ringo, what does it say? Is it food?????

Oh poo, I can't read!!

I'm going exploring.

The watering hole, (sometimes used for swimming)

Oscar and Emma have joined the group today. Emma is on the extreme left and Oscar is on the extreme right. Gabbi is behind and Ringo in front.

Ringo and Emma

Emma, Oscar, Ringo, Tazz, Twiggy

Jango, Emma and Breeze

What a cutie!

Look at that smile!!

Oscar and Emma are doing just great and having fun!

Oscar with James

Jax and Oreo are back for vacation. They are sooooo cute!!!

They brought along their little pal K Jo. Shes's very tiny and cute!

Too sweet!!

Jack and James meeting K jo

Saki is back for vacation too!

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