July 2011

Pebbles is here too. She is all grown up now!
See her smile???

I was asked to feed Snoopy again while his owners were on vacation. He is such a character!! This is his please feed me look.

This is his "Can I have a cookie please" look.

This is his "Aw, just one more" look.

And this is his "Awww, do you have to leave so soon?" look. What a character he is. His face is so expressive.

Buddy is back for vacation. He loves his ball!

Just look at that gorgeous coat!

Ringo is back for vacation too. He is such a cutie.

Well, it finally happened. Tazzi is now "Da Boss"

Jack being cute

James having a nap in the sun.

Titus is back for vacation along with his pals Kota and Sadie Mae.

We have a full kennel this week.
Kota on the left, Toby G, Bo, Sadie Mae in front and Toby on the right.

Titus and Buddy playing

Everyone had a great time today just snooping and sniffing!!

Gabbi loves to watch the action from "her" chair

Gabbi on her chair again.

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