June / July 2011

Rader, Brody, Gracie, Tinka and Glory just hanging out.

Brody with his many blankets and toys!

Finally, a lazy summer day!!

Baby and Scooter are back for the 4th of July!

Baby loves having his picture taken, but Scooter, not so much!

Trotter is here! He is such a happy little dog!

We have a new doggie too! Her name is Heidi and she is a Rat Terrier. What a good girl!

Tazzi likes Heidi!

Heidi loves to run!

Of course Trotter loves that too!

Heidi is fast and it was cloudy today so hard to get a good photo!!

Bo, Toby and Jersey playing!

Breezy and Twiggy are here!


Titus is here too.

It is so difficult to get a photo of Titus because he never slows down long enough to get it focused!

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