Some of our visitors:

Buddy and Maggie playing
These two are just the sweetest dogs.

It was very cold this morning, only 30 degrees with a slight breeze. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

GRRRRRR come and get me, I dare you!

Too sweet!

Toby is back for a late winter vacation.
He is such a cute little guy!

Toby and Tazzi

Toby has decided that he likes Tazzis big toy!

Toby, Tucker and Tazzi exploring the yard.


Tazzi and Buddy

Tazzi and Shadow


Tazzi and Buddy playing

Brumby and Nacho
First 70 degree day!
He wanted to go to Disneyland with his
humans but this day made up for it.

Brumby touring the yard

Tia is back! She was just beating up her toy and
is sporting the "windblown effect".

Rocky playing!

What a cutie!

Now are these not the cutest pups ever?

Tinka is back for some play time with Tazz.

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