May 2011

Titus and Saddie with my gang

Sadie takes such cute pictures!

Part of the weekend gang

Gracie and Glory are here but Glory didn't want her picture taken.

It is finally sunny out so maybe I can get some good pix today.

JUNE 2011

New doggies this week! We have Sparta, Spookie and Juju! This is Juju!




They are all very sweet and well behaved. They had lots of fun when it wasn't raining!

Murphy is here but it is so wet outside that it is impossible to get a good pic of her.

Spooky and little Nacho

Sparta is enjoying a good roll in the grass.

Zoey is here for spring vacation

Zoey is very curious and playful. She loves being with all the other dogs.

Tinka is back too

Tinka is so sweet!

Tinka and pal Tazzi

Brody came today too!

Brody, Glory and Tazz

Glory and Gracy are here for the day. Having fun already!

Gracy leads the pack sometimes if Tazz is too tired.

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