Feb 2011

We started getting snow yesterday and today there is lots. The dogs love to play in it.

Tilly Loves playing in the snow.

Buddy likes it too.

Silver has been here before when it has snowed and he loves it!

Silver carries around snow balls on his feet!

Tia is back and she brought her little pal, Monster.


Tia and Monster are Chihuahuas.

Rader with Monster

March 2011

Twiggy and Breezy are back!

Breezy and Tazz


My two Havanese, Rader and Jessie

Saki is here for the weekend.

Saki got to meet Ernie the tortie today.

We have a new guy here for vacation. His name is Buddy and he is HUGE. He is so sweet though and is here with his two pals Lucy and Jasmine.

Isn't he cute?

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