Jan 2011_ Feb 2011

My new pups on the left, Jessi and Rader with Toby, then my new baby Petals and then Beau!

We have a new little guy this week. His name is Rocky and he is a Cairn terrier. Isn't he cute?
He gets along with all the dogs and loves to play.

Nano is back too and having fun with the new kids on the block!

Having a walkathon.

These are my new kids with Jack and Tazzi. They are Rader and Jessica. They are little Havanese.

Jessica and Jack


BJ and Tilly are here for vacation!

Tilly is so cute and what a character she is. Full of fun.

This is Tilly with my Jessica. Isn't her Cowgirl shirt cute?

Tazzi and BJ have always been best friends

Tilly, Rader and BJ

Silver, BJ and Tilly

This is Buddy, it is his first time here. He is a wonderful boy.

Buddy and Rader

Jack, Jessica and Buddy

Silver is here too. Here he is with Rader. They are so cute together.

Silver and Rader are pals.

Well, guess what? This is what we have today!

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