Dec 2010

Glory and Gracie are here for the weekend.

The weather was so bad that we had to play in the kennel mostly

We have new boarders this week. This is Twiggy and it is his first time along with his house mate, Breezy.

Breezy, the weather has been pretty nasty so I have't gotten too many good pix of the dogs.

Twiggy and Breezy sitting on my chair with me.

Twiggy and Breezy with Trotter. He is here for Christmas too.

Twiggy with Tazzi

Twiggy in the kennel building. We finally gave up and came inside.

Trotter, it was pretty dark today so the camera was slower at capturing action.

Silver is here this week too.

Silver playing with Trotter

Playing in the kennel building

Silver sun bathing. We had sun for about 5 minutes.

Breezy watching for birds

Well, guess what we got up to this morning???

The dogs loved the snow and had so much fun playing in it.

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