Oct 2010

Maggie is back. She lost her mate last summer so she is kind of sad

Here is Jack keeping her company

Isn't that just a cute face?

We have two new little dogs this week. This is Winnie. What a cutie

This is Winnies house mate, Spike. He is such a funny boy.

I haven't gotten any good pix of Spike yet as he has his nose to the ground sniffing all the time!

Winnie likes James because he is so quiet

Winnie and my boys

Jersey is here for a week and she immediately found her favorite weed patch to play in.

Spike and Winnie

Jersey enjoying the fresh air.

Awwwwwwwww, too cute!


Murphy and Maddie are back for a week!


Dolly and Elvira are here for fall camp


Beau and Toby are here for winter camp too



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