Sept 2010


Toby and Beau are here this weekend too but I can't get pix of anyone. The weather is dark and no one wants to cooperate!

This is Simon. He and Cleo are here for the first time. They are beautiful dogs.

This is Cleo


This is Toby H. He is a six month old GoldenDoodle. He is very energetic and sweet.

Toby looking to find the squirrel up the tree

Toby with Tazzi. Toby likes my seat under the umbrella.

Is this cute or what?????

Toby is back for a few days!

Saddie is a new boarder this weekend. She is very sweet and shy.

Toby and Saddie

Saddie meets Tazzi when we were in the kennel.

Saddie running

Roscoe is back for vacation!

Roscoe and Saddie are pals.

I almost couldn't find Saddie the grass is so long.

What a face!!

Roscoe was lonely so he spent the day with me and my doggies.

Saddie is back for a few days. Here are Saddie and Tazzi having a conversation

Saddie has that cute terrier personality

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