August 2010

Brody is a good natured little guy

I had to use a photoshop filter on this one because it was just too bright so it looks a bit different. It is hard to get good pix of Brody because he either wants to be in my lap or sitting in front of my chair. He is such a lover boy!

Hey Brody, here comes Gina with the camera again, got any ideas???

HMMMMMMMMM, let me think

I got it!! Let's go play under Ginas chair, she can't get pix of us there........

So they did.....

Tazzi even joined in the fun!
These guys just don't want their pic taken

Not only are they under my chair but now they have taken over!

Oreo and Tazz

Half of them are on the other side of me now

This is what I see when I am sitting down....

Jax and Oreo are here for a few days


Oreo and Brody

Brody is so darn cute!

Silver and James, notice James is saving a feather on his tongue! Silver thinks it is pretty silly.

Hi Mom! It's me, Toby. I am having a great time here. Gina says she will send more pix later today.
Just think, a day in the life of Toby!!!

This is me this afternoon watching the other dogs.

Hi Mom! Aren't I handsome???

This is me doing what I do best...

Oh, the sun feels so good on my face!

Nacho and I did a little sun bathing since it was sunny

Me and my pal......

Buddy and Tucker are back. It is really difficult to get Buddys pic because he is always active and running.

It is equally difficult to get a photo of Tucker because he is always in my lap!

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