Some of our visitors:

Pretty kitty

OK you guys, these are MY chickens!

These are my new friends. They don't say much though..

Tia is back to stay with us for a few weeks while her "mom" has knee surgery. She loves to play with her toys.

Missy is here for Christmas so I guess I had better go and get stockings for my Christmas visitors.
She is wondering why I don't have the stockings up yet.

Missy and Tazzi running in the leaves. They had such a good time.

Wherever Missy goes her ball goes with her

Well, guess what we got up to this morning?
Missy thought it was wonderful.

Missy and Ashley

Missy playing with her ball.

Patches exploring the kennel.

I couldn't get Ashley to slow down long enough to get a good photo. She was having too much fun with tazzi.

Patches in her bed. She actually covers herself with her blanket.

Tazzi and Ashley checking out a sound.

Ashley liked the snow too!

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