August 2010

Titus playing with James

Silver is back for vacation!

Nah nah ne nah nah James!!!

If you look really close you can see Silver out among the chickens. He doesn't mind them at all and they think he is really cute!

Sadie with the bone she and Kota shared while they were here.

Cute pic of Kota

Kota and Sadie are leaving today but they sure had a good time while they were here.

Are you taking my picture again????

Both Tonka and Silver were very lazy today and didn't want their pictures taken. Guess they are recovering from the heat. Today was cool.

Sam is here. Silver really likes him.

Brody arrived today for vacation. He is already having fun!

And being goofy......too cute!

Silver showing Brody the ropes

Thonka just had to get a good roll in ....

Silver with Thonka

Brody has a very cute face!

Brody is doxie and pug. A great combo I think.

Lazy daze

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