July 2010

Trotter and Tazzi enjoying the sun

Ringo is such a cutie

Thonka is here for a few days. She is a sweetie.

Thonka rolling in the grass, Glory wants to di it too!

Thonka is a bit camera shy and usually walks away when she sees me with the camera.

Gracie loves the sun. That's a HAPPY doggie


Now that is a face anyone could love!
Thonka is a sweetie.

Tia is fascinated with my tiny chickens, especially the chicks. She is generally good with the chickens.

Tia at attention!

Jango, Tia and Murphy

Tia with her hair trimmed

Jango and Tia. Hard to tell them apart

Murphy being cute!

Titus is here for the weekend. He is so much fun.

Apparently this was my day for in your face doggies. This is Titus licking my hand.

Awwww, such a sweetie!

Jango being silly...

Titus and Tazzi

Aw come on, just a little scratch right there??

Peek a Boo!

Kota and Sadie Mae are here for a few days. They are "relatives" of Titus.

Sadie Mae and Jango. Sadie really likes Jango

Kota loves her new bone!

Kota and Titus playing

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