July 2010

Saki is back for vacation! She will have lots of fun with Zoey.

Zoey and Saki

Ringo is back too

Happy doggies!

Ringo meets up with old friends

Time for fun!

Can I have a little smooch Jango?

Jango is such a cutie

Glory and Gracie are here for vacation.

Glory, Gracie and James

Glory having a roll in the grass and the boys want to join in.

Rex is here for the weekend. He is a min pin just like Tazzi. He looks just like Tazzi except he is black

Rex with Trotter and Pip

Gracie having a little snooze in the sun

Isn't Glories coat beautiful when the sun hits it?

Still snoozin....

Rex is so shiny!

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