July 2010

We're slowing down now.

Ah, this is nice and cool!

What a beautiful face!

Toby needs some cooling off time too

And so does Chewie...

Toby P is here this week too but he has been inside the house mostly. He is one of
my "privileged" dogs. Here he is with the James gang. I am sure he and James are
planning on some mischief.

What a face!

Lizzy on the table

Isn't he just too cute?

Tinka is here for the weekend. She is such a pretty little Doxey!

Pip is back with his kitty Sophie

Isn't he a pretty boy?

Trotter is here along with Pip, Jango and Zoey

Zoey is back! She is such a fun loving girl

Pip loves the smaller dogs

Zoey loves to play with Trotter

Elvis is here too with Lizzy

Zoey, Lizzy and Trotter



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