June and July 2010

This is Toby G

Tia meets Toby for the first time..

Tia is here for a few days too.

Elvis is back and he brought his new puppy Lizzy with him. You can see a peek of her under him.

This is Lizzy, isn't she a cutie?

This is Lizzy with Toby Thompson. He and his brother are here for overnight.

Lizzy is about to pounce into the middle of Elvis and Toby! She isn't afraid of anything!

Lizzy is very photogenic

Elvis with Chewie behind him. Chewie is Tobys full brother.



Lizzy decided she liked Toby a lot!

The dogs in the doggie climbing yard with Della the chicken looking on.

We had a beautiful sunny day today and the dogs really enjoyed it. Here Lizzy is sniffin the air.

Lizzy and Elvis

Cutie pie

Another beautiful day today but quite hot and the dogs aren't used to it. Poor Elvis couldn't convince me to play ball with him. I didn't want to overheat him.

Now that just isn't fair!!! I want my ball!

The little doggies love to be on top of my table!

This little girl is just teasing the boys unmercifully!

Here they are all in a pile. The boys are very careful with Lizzy.

I think they are all getting tired though.

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