June 2010

Hey, is that my reflection???

Pickles with James and Jack

The weather continues to be rainy so I barely got these two shots in a sunny period. Gabbi has found a new use for a dog house!

Harley is here too.

Gabbi enjoying a patch of sun.

Enjoying the sun

Samson is back for the week. It was a beautiful sunny day today.

Jango was just here for overnight. He enjoyed playing with the other dogs.

Beau and Toby are here for a few days too

Toby Jango and Sam

Normally Beau is kind of camera shy but today he didn't mind at all.

It is rainy today so guess what Sam is doing?

Does he look happy???

Jersey is here, she is a very happy doggie too. We all are, we love that the sun is finally out!

Jersey loves to play in the tall grass. This is how she starts

Then this....

Then this....

Then this...

And finally.....

Beau and Toby are back. Beau is looking for moles!

It's playtime!! The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day!

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