May 2010

Ringo is back for vacation. The weather has been awful so I havn't gotten many pix of him. Today is better so hopefully I can get some today.

Well, Zoey has succombed to the Animal House roll in the grass! They all have to do it.

Gabbi and Zoey playing...

Zoey loves squeeky toys

Maddie and Murphy are back for vacation. Here they are with Nacho.

Too cute!


Murphy is quite photogenic and Maddie avoids the camera

A group of little butts. Toby Pasero is in there too.



Maddie and Tazzi, pals forever

Beau and Toby Gonzales

Toby G

Roscoe is here for a few days

Isn't that just too cute?

Toby Thompson is here today too for the weekend. He loves to play with Roscoe

Our weather has been awful so I can't get very good pix as it is pretty dark and cloudy out.

Toby T

Buddy and Shadow are here but the weather is so bad I can't get many pix. This is Buddy.

This is Shadow. They are house mates.

And this is Pickles!

I am just too cute don't you think?

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