March 2010

Maddie and her new "sister" Murphy were here for a day but Maddie wouldn't come out for pix! This is Murphy.

Trotter and Silver with Tia behind.

Sam is back for spring vacation!

Sam and the boys

Tinka is here for the weekend

I love the way her ears fly when she runs. Too cute!


Tinka and Jack exploring

Murphy and Maddie are here and it finally got nice enough to get some pix!

Murphy. She is a silkie, doesn't she have a beautiful coat?

Tazzi and Maddie. Best buds

Zoom Zoom

Trotter is back for a week of playtime!

Roscoe is back too, such a pretty guy!


Roscoe, Trotter and Tazzi playing

Trotter, Roscoe and Murphy playing on a nice day

Fun is what it is all about at the Animal House!

Sadie and Kota are back for vacation! This is Sadie

And Kota

Tazzi with the girls

Kota loves to carry around her toy or a bone!

Such a pretty girl
These girls are so quiet and sweet that it is difficult to get pix of them.


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