Some of our visitors:

I know this photo looks out of proportion, but in fact Felix is really that big. Felix weighs 21 pounds!

You can also compare Felix size with my min pin Tazzi standing behind him. He is taller than she is.

Felix relaxing with the pillows and bears.

Felix is one big sweetie and isn't afraid of anything.
Do you think his size may have something to do with that?

Tazzi and Tinka playing in the kennel

This is Tinka looking brave.

Little Elvira and Jack

Dolly loves to explore the kennel.

Isn't she just too sweet?

Elvira is enjoying touring the yard in the leaves

Awwwwwwww, such a cutie

Hmmmmmmmm looks like there must be something yummy up there!

So sweet!

This is Dollys new favorite toy

Elvira likes this toy best

James has decided that this toy is his.

Well, it's fall/winter here in the NW so playtime is out in the covered play yard.


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