February 2010

Zoe is very alert and I love her markings....

Zoey and Gabbi playing

Harley Mick is here just for overnight. Gets confusing for the dogs when I have two Harleys here!

Toby and Beau are back for vacation!

Beau is so sweet

BJ and my boys. Aren't they cute sitting in the sun?

Toby is on an inspection tour to see who has been here lately.

Uh Oh, BJ found the squeeky toy that is found around the yard here and there.

Joey and da boyz

Too cute!

Zoom Zoom

Zoey loves to play

Jack and James are full brothers and are very close

Tia is here for vacation. She is one of our little visiting chihuahuas!

Tia, BJ and Tazzi

Harley and BJ playing

Jersey is back for vacation too. She is such a laid back sweet dog

Talk about laid back. If you look closely you can see Jersey and James relaxing with the chickens.

Such fun in the sun!

Jersey loves to roll in the grass!

Silver is back for a short vacation

Here he is with Jack.

And playing with the other dogs. Trotter is here as well as Tia!

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