Some of our visitors: December 2009 ~ January 2010

Jango is back for some vacation time. Here he is with Nacho in the front yard.

Now Jango loves to roll in the grass and since it was a warm day, it seemed to him like a good thing to do.

And some more....
And more.......

And more. He ignored the chickens even though they were curious about him.

Buddy and Maggie are here for a few days. They are very quiet and sweet.


Brumby is also here. He LOVES to play ball.

Josie is here too. I try not to take large dogs and these are the only ones I do take and they all showed up on the same weekend.

What a sweet dog Josie is....

Josey looking for her tire. Be careful Josie, you are going to bump your head!

Buddy and Brumby playing

Buddy loves to play ball too.

Brumby, Buddy and Josie playing keep away

What a sweet face

The other dogs went home and Josie is the only one here now. The weather was so bad today that we had to play in the garage so I didn't get many photos. Josie and her bone.

Having fun! Josie is such a happy dog. She loves to play.

I bought her a huge knuckle bone, it was at least four inches across and I think she ate it all. This is a plastic one.
Knuckle bones are the only real ones really safe for dogs because they don't splinter.

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