Some of our visitors: December 2009

Gabbi just loves to be up on something. Since all the summer furniture is put away the only choice she had was a chair!

Toby is here for the day. Isn't his sweater cute?

Gabbi meets Toby! She thought he was sooooo cute

Toby hasn't been here in a few weeks so he has a lot of sniffin catching up to do.
Gabbi really wants Toby to play. Tazzie in her coat. It's only 23 degrees outside. Gabbi doesn't mind the cold at all.

The little guys with their coats on


Oakley is here for a few days while her folks move. Isn't she cute?

It was only about 25 degrees when this was taken. Thank goodness there was sun!

Even in the cold, they have to do their sniffin'

Jango is back for a few days and he is visiting in the house

Jango likes Toby and Beau

Tazzi and Beau

Tazz and Toby. Tazz doesn't like it when it is rainy so we are playing in the kennel building.

Trotter and Silver are back for winter vacation. They have so much fun together.

Beautiful cold morning for playing

Trotter is such a happy dog


Trotter likes to play rough with Tazzi

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