Some of our visitors:  November 2009

Nano is here for fall camp
. What a pretty dog

Toby Thompson is here too. They are having a great time.

The weather isn't cooperating much lately with lots of rain and cold so we have to play when we get a break


This is Toby. He and Nano are having so much fun!

Beau is back for the weekend and brought his pal Toby G

Here is another Toby. This is Toby Gonzales. He is Beaus new friend. Isn't he cute? Boy, now we have three Tobys that come.

Abby is here too but I think she is moving with her family so we may not see her again. She will be missed because she is a really sweet girl

Silver is here too!

The dogs love to play in the leaves

Abby likes to play with Toby

Abby loves all the dogs that come here

Another shot of Silver

Hey! Can you tell what dat is?

Silver and Trotter

Gabbi is back and all grown up!

Gabbi loves the snow! I think this is her first time since she is still a pup!

Tinka is back too and Tazzi is so happy.

Gabbi likes Tinka too!

These doggies are enjoying the snow!

Roscoe is back too.

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