Some of our visitors:   October. 2009

Some of the weekend gang Silver, Thonka, Tilly and BJ

Having fun!

It's difficult to get good pix of Tilly because the camera reads it too bright.

Everyone wants to roll today! Such fun!

Thonka too!

I bet you can't roll your tongue like I can!!

I am too cute don't you think?

Silver is such a good boy!

Silver and BJ

Pretty boy!

Titus is here for the weekend! He is an Italian Grayhound.

Hmmmmmmmm, you smell good! Eau de rump roast???
Millie and Titus

Toby is here for the weekend too and he just has to copy everything Titus does.

I give, I give. I am too pooped to pop!

Doggies playing!

Toby is growing up!

Roscoe at "ye ol watering hole"

Gracie and Glory are back for fall vacation.



We were playing in the kennel today because it was pretty cold outside.

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