Some of our visitors:   September. 2009

Beau is back for the weekend

Buster is back too. He is such a sweet boy.

I just love his chunky legs!!

Beau heard one of the neighborhood dogs howl so he joined in.

Buster sniffing around the yard.

This week we have a new doggie, Roscoe and really cute beagle and he is so sweet and has settled right in.

Hey Mom and Dad, it is fun here! I am enjoying fall camp at the animal house!

Such a pretty boy

Thonka, BJ and Tilly are back for fall camp too!

BJ and Tilly

Hey Roscoe, do you want to play??

I wanna play too guys!

Woohoo, come on!

BJ and Jack enjoying the sun

Tazzi is happy to have her pal BJ back.

Thonka, the Tibetan terrier in my Zen garden....

Now that is what you call a relaxed doggie!

I just had to include this pic of Jack and James having a sun bath.

And this one. James, Tazzi and Jack

Little doggies having fun!

We have a new little doggie here this week end. This is Silver. Isn't he cute?

Here is Silver playing with Tilly

I just really want that bone!

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