Some of our visitors:  August - September. 2009

Apparently this is the new Jungle Jim!! All the dogs are loving playing on the chairs and tables.

Buddy is back and he brought another pal, Radar. Buddy is on the left.


I'm lookin at you and you are lookin at me. Harley and Gabbi

Samson being a little charmer.

The grass is always greener......

Radar is doing really well for his first time. He settled right in.

Tucker came a few days late to join his pals but he just joined right in. He loves his ball.

Tucker and Toby

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, I'm a mean dog!
Buddy is so funny.

Oh, I know, I am really a sweetheart.

This is Radar in the swimming pool. He loves it!!

Tobes enjoying a little quiet moment among all the activity. I think he was meditating.


Jersey is here for the week and she loves this ball!!

Such a sweetie.

Pip and Sophie are here for a couple of weeks. He is bowing saying hello!

This is Sophie all cuddled up in her crate.

A very sleepy kitty. Sophie is so sweet

Pip loves his crate

Pip and Toby. Pip loves the little dogs and Toby loves the big ones so they are pals.

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