Some of our visitors:  August. 2009

Harley just loves the chickens!

Tia was back for a day and brought her new puppy with her. This is Tia and Misty.


Misty. Isn't she too cute? She is a two month old

How could you not love that face???


My kids having a sun bath.

Sam is back for vacation! Such a sweet doggie!

Tazzi is glad to have Sam back. They are pals.

Jax and Oreo are back for the weekend. This is Oreo.

And this is Jax doing his "Dancing with the Stars" moves!

Tazzi and Oreo lounging on a warm summer day

Hey, someone left a squeeky toy here......
Can I play with it???

Oreo with her morning cuppa Joe

Gabbi is here for her first time.

Isn't she a cutie. She is a little Yorkie

Am I too cute or what????

Here she is meeting Jax

Hmnmmmmmmmmmmm, wonder how they got up there?

Hey, I did it!
Here she is standing on the table with Tazzi

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