Some of our visitors:  August. 2009

Hey, I can go as fast as you can!

Zoom Zoom!!

Now where did he hide???

OK, I am camp instructor and everyone has to listen to me!

Okay Okay, we get it!!

I think they get it now!

Uh, maybe Toby is just too young.....


Woohoo, it is so much fun at the Animal House!!

New listen, you just have to calm down.....

Oh poo, I am just gonna run anyway!!

Opie looking very Zen

This is a Jango sandwich, Toby on either side!

Everyone loves to drink out of the fish pond. Nova even went swimming a couple of times.

Monkey see.....Monkey do...

Follow the leader!

ChaCha is back for a vacation too!

ChaCha and Opie

Hey, can you see what's in there?

Cha Cha and Opie are having fun playing with each other.

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