Some of our visitors:  August. 2009

Now isn't that a sweet face. Abby is a really nice doggie.

OK Buddy, teach me how to square dance!

No Abby, you have to let me lead!

No, you have to pay attention to me. I am the leader!

I just had to include this pic of my cutie pie Jack!

This is Koda and Sadie. They are here for the first time and having lots of fun. Lots of high energy doggies here right now.

Koda looks a lot like Abby who was just here.


Titus is here too. He is Koda and Sadies cousin.

Trotter is here leading the parade.

Doin the two step

Dawson is always the clown! He says he is taking this leaf home with him.

I think that's my ball, I am sure of it.

The dogs always have to get in the compost!

Titus is difficult to get a good picture of because he is always moving.

OK, I dare you to get me!!!

The little guys playing

Trotter and Titus racing around. They had so much fun!

Part of the weekend gang!

Trotter is such a cute little guy

What in the heck is up there????

Trotter with Jack and Tazzi

Jango is back for vacation

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