Some of our visitors:  July. 2009

Hey! Wait for me!

Now is that the cutest thing ever??

Trotter is back for vacation. Here he is with Beau

Trotter is very high energy and loves to play. Here his is playing with Harley.

Harley playing with Beau

Beau was just here for the day.

Harley playing with the squeeky toy. He loves this one!

Millie was here for the day. Here she is in her show pose!

Abby is here for the weekend and since it was hot today she thought she might like to go swimming in the fish tank!

Oh, you are a big doggie!

But....I'm big too!

Buddy and Maggie are here for the weekend. This is Buddy with James and Abby.

Buddy and Abby

Toby is here for the day. What a cutie!

Hmmmmmmmmmm, if I were just a little taller~

Well, she's pretty tall!

But look! I can be tall too!!

Toby really does think he is a big dog!!

Come on baby, just a little hug for Toby....

We have a new boy this week. This is Buddy also and it is his first time. He is doing great with all the dogs.

Buddy is having a good time!

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