Some of our visitors:  July. 2009

What could be better than good friends on a warm sunny day?

Abby is back just for the weekend. She is a happy doggie!

Abby and BJ

A Pack A Pups!

Buddy Shadow and Tucker are back for July 4th Vacation!

Tucker and Buddy with James and Jack

Tucker in the "pool"

Samson is here for the 4th too!

Tucker and Samson

Ashley is back too for summer vacation!

Scooter has been here for several days and I have been unsuccessful in getting photos without the red eye even though my camera has red eye reduction. I think it is because Scoot has such huge eyes.

Scooter enjoys being out in the kennel building with my dogs. He isn't the least bit bothered with them and I think actually enjoys them as company when he is out.

I am going to try one more time today to get pix of his beautiful eyes without the "ghost" look.

Jango is back for the weekend. Isn't that the cutest face?

What? I am just playin and having fun!

Harley is back too. He's a gorgeous boy!

Jango and Jack
He likes having someone his own size

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