Some of our visitors:  June. 2009

This is Sadies first time here. She is Tobys cousin.

Isn't she cute?

Sadie and Jazzi

Toby is here for a few days and Lucy really likes him.

Lucy and Jazzi

Jazzi is fascinated by the little chicks.

Pip organizing the little ones......

Pip likes these little guys

Millie and Maddie are here for the day. Here is Milllie with Lucy.

Tazzi, Toby and Lucy

Jazzi, Lucy, Millie and Sadie. Lots of little girls having fun.

BJ, Tilly and Tonka are back for vacation!
This is BJ and Tilly

This is Tonka

BJ and Lucy

Tilly and Toby





Checkin it out!

Toby in the front yard with Pearl, one of my hens. He doesn't mind the chickens at all and in fact ignores them even when they pick his fur.

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