Some of our visitors:  June. 2009

Tazzi and Tia enjoying a warm day.

Pip and Sophie are back for vacation


Pip loves his kennel

Is that a frog???

Such a pretty boy!

Ashley is here just for the day.

Now THAT is comfy!

Sarah is here for the weekend

We have two new little girls this month. They are Lucy and Jasmine.

It's really hard to get a good photo of Jazzi because she is so black.

Beau is back for the weekend. He's such a happy guy and he loves to play with Pip!

Beau and Sarah. They know each other from other visits.


Toby is here for the day too.

Tazzi is learning to be a guard dog for the chickens.

Jazzi is fascinated by the little chicks.......

Now isn't that the cutest little face?

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