Some of our visitors:  May. 2009

Felix and Tazzi

Felix out strollin'

Felix is just sure there must be some food in here!

Dawson is back for spring vacation!

Tinka and Dawson hit it off immediately!

I know there's a varmit under there!!

No, go this way!

Hey, whats's that?

Abby is here for the weekend and she and Dawson hit it off immediately~

Hey! What're you doin' in there?

Maybe I could do that too!

What could be better on a hot spring day than a swim in the doggie pool?

Oscar is back for the weekend.

Oscar and Tazzi out for a morning walk.

Hmmmmmm, think I will just check out this ball.

Tia is here for a couple of days while her owner has a surgical procedure.

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