Some of our visitors:  May. 2009

This is Harley. This is his first visit to the Animal House!

Harley isn't quite sure yet why he is here. It usually takes a couple of visits for them to completely relax. Harley is a good boy!

Felix is back. He is one of my favorite kitties. He is just a sweet old butterball, loves the dogs and is huge!!

Now can you see how huge he is. He even towers over Tazzi, my Miniature Pinsher

Buddy and Maggie playing. It is difficult to get good pix of these dogs because my camera wants to bleach them out.

Another of Tazzi and Felix

Felix is just such a sweetie.

Awwwwwwwww, is that too cute or what? That is Buddy.

Jersey is back too! Tazzi is happy to see her.

Jersey is a sweetie too. Here she is singing to Ashley!

Just A Strollin'

Millie and Maddie were here for the day. I couldn't get any pix of Maddie though.

Millie in the grass

Buddy, Maggie and Jersey playing

Jersey enjoying a sunny day!

Toby is here for the day. How can you not love that face??

Tinka is back and Tazzi is so happy. Tinka is one of her favorites!

All the "kids" thought they should help me build the new chicken coop!

So pretty!

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